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Many may have forgotten, we have not. And still our lives are threatened. Still do we bear the burden of carrying our own crosses to our demise. We must hold onto each other; we must grasp tightly and not forget who we are and those who did not make it. We need to be reminded that we are a force and we shall not bow down to the systems in place that have and continue to threaten our humanity. Protests and rallies disrupt public spaces with a very bold and clear message: WE DESERVE TO BE HERE. In the wake of the horrendous untimely death of Oluwatoyin Salau, there was a need to express public outrage and immediately create a space for Black womyn and femmes. Upon this protest, organized by my sista in the struggle, Brittany Oliver and I, Say Her Name: March for Black womyn and femme survivors was created. There is a deep need to continue this work and to connect with those that organize on behalf of this very underserved community. Moving forward, we will be organizing diligently to provide more spaces and resources for Black womyn and femme survivors.

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