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"Let Me Hang Out In My Own Self"

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She takes the following quote by late poet Ntozake Shange as a personal mantra: “This is mine! this ain’t your stuff. Now why don’t you put me back & let me hang out in my own self.” 


Amorous Ebony Releases New Music

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"Lovely Mess beautifully explores sexuality

through juxtaposed language and images. 

Afro-clad with a penetrating gaze, songstress, Amorous Ebony, challenges us as listener and voyeur to rethink and re-witness sex through seemingly opposing words and colors."-Kira Lynae, Black Feminist Poet


Black Womyn And Girls Are In A State Of Emergency

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"When I think of Black feminists, I think of aunties and momma’s best friends because they were the first kinds of feminists. They were taking care of their nieces and nephews. They may have not had children, but they took care of other people’s children. My grandmother was a feminist. She supported my cousins and my family who didn’t have a place to live. She took anyone in, whether it was a woman or someone else in the family who was dealing with something. But you could always come to grandma’s house. "

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