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    A voice from heaven holds more than its weight in gold.

Amorous Ebony is a musician, performing artist, youth arts instructor, and radical activist centering her work around the freedom, sensuality, and self-expression of Black Womyn and girls. Focusing on the marginalization, brutalization and disparagement of Black womxn and girls; Amorous Ebony has become a consistent leader of rallies and protests in alignment with the Say Her Name movement to rail against the culture of misogynoir pervading our society today. 


Amorous Ebony has curated staple events like Black Girl Glitter, Adorning with Amorous, and The Bruja Series that anchor her ideals to real work and transformative experiences for participants. In Black Girl Glitter, participants share in arts performances from like-minded Black Femme artists and performers to confine in a culture where inherent beauty is celebrated and revered. In Adorning With Amorous, the artist takes a hands-on approach to honor traditions of personal embellishment to reinforce the divinity of Black womxn and girls. And with The Bruja Series, Amorous Ebony leads a discussion between presenters and participants on the rich cultural history of Black womyn and religious traditions outside of the Judeo-Christian norm. 


In 2013, Amorous Ebony and 6 Black womxn formed the collective Black Womyn Rising to amplify the voices of Black womyn and girls who have suffered injustices from police brutality and interpersonal violence. In leading events like Natasha's Jubilee and Rekia's Rally, she has become a trusted voice in the fight to dismantle white supremacy in our most vulnerable populations. Her collective, Say Her Name Coalition, continues the work of affirming, empowering, uplifting, and fighting for the visibility and livelihood of Black Womxn and girls.


Amorous holds a bachelor’s degree in Urban Arts Theater and Music from Coppin State University. She is a former Community Art Collaborative MICA fellow and currently serves as Resident Artist and Education Specialist at the Lyric Performing Arts Center. Amorous Ebony’s work has been highlighted in media outlets like WYPR, Mic, The Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Beat, Baltimore Magazine, Bmore Art and more. 


With years of experience in cultivating spaces of spiritual empowerment and body positivity for Black Womxn, she fosters growth and healing in the face of rampant misogyny. Further, in her years-long work as an arts instructor of African Folklore and Theatre for children in grades K-8, she continues to bolster a new generation of self-actualized and empowered Black Womxn. 

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