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    “I am able to gather the bits and pieces of my experiences and weave for you a web, representative of the winding path I followed to arrive at this place. To you it seems comprehensive, but you must know that there was a time when I had no idea who I was becoming… “-Luisha Teish

    Created by Amorous Ebony, The Bruja Series began in January 2018, and later developed into quarterly intimate ritual workshops for the free black womyn. Its sole purpose is to assist in equipping black womyn with the tools needed to recognize their fullest potential through learning rituals to enhance the consciousness of themselves and to bring them back to the practices of their ancestors. 

    The Bruja Series is for the beginning, intermediate and seasoned bruja who want to add new rituals to her routine, enhance her knowledge of diverse ways to practice her magic, gain new understandings of her self-identity; to blossom and manifest anything she may desire, to learn new practices to enhance what work she already does and to network/commence amongst fellow brujas.

Calling all mystics, healers, and magical black womyn! If you conjure any kind of magic; tarot, reiki healing, writing, etc. and you are interested in leading your own workshop, please email me for more information.

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