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    Black Girl Glitter is an artistic experience that celebrates the beauty, divinity, confidence, self-expression and luminescence of Black womyn and girls. BGG held its first event on July 15, 2017 followed by a second one later that year.  BGG is intended to uplift, inspire and celebrate us, being us. The term; Black Girl Magic is a term that was popularized by Cashawn Thompson and celebrates the beauty, power and resilience of black women.

    Surely does Black Girl Glitter pay homage to this term, celebrating he greatness that Black womyn and girls exude through flourishing, resisting, manifesting, creating and by simply existing. The world is not enough for us, there are not enough spaces for us and we need to celebrate us with rooms filled with only us!

    Black girls are not a monolith. Black Girl Glitter is a safe haven for EVERY Black girl. Black Girl Glitter highlights local Black womyn artists; musicians, poets and creatives. BGG seeks to bring exposure, networking opportunities, and resources to connect black womyn and girls.

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